Unique, beautiful and even upcycling!

Animal collage by Yoshie Allan. Made to order, with love.

This bespoke artwork is made with various pieces of fabric, other materials that Yoshie loves.

Personalised message or name can be added by hand stitch and embroidery on your choice of animal.

【 Size & Pricing / Click here 】, or contact me for any enquiries.



【 作品サイズと制作料はこちらをクリック 】、またはコンタクトフォームから直接ヨシエまでお問い合わせください。

‘O is for Olivia’ 布にハギレとハンドステッチ、刺繍、ほか異素材コラージュ。額装なし。

Fabric collage and embroidery on fabric. unframed.