「The Forgotten Forest」

‘The Forgotten Forest’

Written by Victoria Richards. Illustrated by Sas and Yosh (Sarah Bellisario + Yoshie Allan), 2018 UK.

Published by Oh Zoe Books, UK. Inclusive and diverse personalised picture book.

‘The frost spirit has stolen the keys to spring – will you help the forest defeat the frost spirit and return sun, love and laughter? Our story takes you on a magical journey, facing challenges and riddles which must be solved along the way.’ — Oh Zoe Books.

Choose from more character options than any other book, and adventure through the forest collecting personalised clues based on your child’s name, birthday, where they live and more….

Character options include:
8 skin tones, 6 eye colours, 12 hair styles, 25 hair colours, wheelchair, glasses, hearing aid, ear defenders.