Our new design project ! ‘Sas and Yosh’ / 新しいデザインプロジェクト, Sas and Yosh ( 予告編 )

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Exciting news !
I’ve started new design project ‘ Sas and Yosh ‘ with my friend  artist Sarah Bellisario

We’ve been enjoying our collaboration artworks and looking forward to publishing our lovely paper products soon !

お知らせで〜す !

友人のアーティスト との新しいデザインプロジェクト ‘ Sas and Yosh ‘ を立ち上げました.

世界観と作風がおたがいに大好きで 一緒にデザインしてみたらピン!ときて始まったこのプロジェクト. Sas and Yosh のコラボレーションのアートワークも これからいろいろ発信していきます (‘V’)/

ただいま 壁紙, ラッピングペーパー,  その他インテリア・紙雑貨系のサンプル作りをふたりで楽しみつつ試行錯誤中!

ウェブサイトも近々完成するので またお知らせします ♪♪



( Here’s a sneak and peak from our new website )

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Hello !  We are collaborative illustration and design unit  Sas and Yosh.

Sarah ( Sas ) and Yoshie ( Yosh ) both grew up on different sides of the world in Japan and the UK, with limitless creative minds and a massive passion for their creations.

This special collaboration project started very naturally in 2014, after they met and fell in love with each other’s artwork.

Sarah and Yoshie produce artwork for both children and adults. Creating design for textiles and stationary as well as illustration for advertising and magazines. They also enjoy putting on art workshops and exhibitions.

Alongside this both Sarah and Yoshie are published children’s author/illustrators.

On this project, Sas and Yosh focus on their ‘collaborative new style / design’.

We hope you will enjoy their colourful, quirky and imaginative contemporary illustrations.

For textiles, interiors, gift paper and cards.

Perfect for original children, and cool grown ups!

Enjoy ‘Sas and Yosh’s’ world !

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‘Sas and Yosh’ website / shop is coming soon !

Check it out x