アラン ヨシエ:


大学の獣医学科在学中にものづくりの分野に舵を戻し、ESMOD JAPON 東京校でファッションデザインを専攻。アパレル会社に数年勤めた後、当時ひとり暮らしをしていた東京を拠点にハギレコラージュ作家・イラストレーター「ヨシエ」 として作品の発表をはじめる。

2006年に雑誌 Spoon. (プレビジョン) にハギレで作った絵本「世界にたった2人の仕立てやさん」 を連載して以来、絵本や書籍のイラスト、 柄デザイン、広告やパッケージのアートワーク、ハギレ再生プロジェクトの立体作品、展覧会やワークショップなど、アートを通した世界とのキャッチボールを楽しんでいる。



個人の作家活動のほかに、アーティストの Sarah Bellisario と2014年に立ち上げたデザインデュオ Sas and Yosh の名でも多くの絵と柄デザインを発表。

これまでに手がけた絵本は「ヨシエフォンデュ」(角川書店)、「ポンポルトンタン」 (祥伝社)、 「ツキミモザ」「ギイドロとマレンカレン」(Skyfish Graphix)、「ハッピーイースター」 (くもん出版)(以上すべて作絵・ヨシエ)。

ほか、絵を担当した本に「ドーナツやさんのおてつだい」 (作・もとしたいづみ/絵・ヨシエ/絵本ナビ)、「The Forgotten Forest」(作・Victoria Richard/絵・ Sas and Yosh/Oh Zoe Books, UK)、「Bear’s First Day at Kingshott School」 (作絵・Sas and Yosh, UK)などがある。


Yoshie Allan :

Born in Fukushima, Japan (1979) I grew up with a passion for craft, drawing comics and creating floor plans for my dream house.

Whilst studying to be a vet, I realised my true dream and came back to my world of creation, which led me to study fashion design at ESMOD JAPON in Tokyo.

After a few years of work in the fashion industry, I decided to become a freelance illustrator and fabric collage artist.

Since I published my fabric collage artwork and story ‘The most unusual tailors in the world’ in a Japanese art & culture magazine (2006), I have been enjoying connecting with the world through my creations, both original artwork and exciting collaborations with various clients including books and magazine illustrations, advertising and packaging artwork, textile pattern design, exhibitions, etc., all exciting things.

In 2011, I moved to the UK with my British husband, and we made our nest in a lovely historic town in Hertfordshire, North of London, with our two children and one dog.

After a break of several years, I came back with a widened interest and deeper emotional connection with people through art. This connection helps me embrace my creative journey, as well as my new favourite things to do – exploring nature as a dog walker and discovering pet portrait painting!

My published picture books in Japan – ‘Yoshie Fondre’ (Kadokawa publishing); ‘Ponportontan’ (Shodensha); ‘Tsukimimoza’, ‘Giidoro and Marenkaren’ (Skyfish Graphix); ‘Happy Easter’ (Kumon publishing);

Books I illustrated – ‘Doughnutsyasanno Otetsudai (‘Helping the doughnuts shop’/written by Izumi Motoshita/illustrated by Yoshie/Ehon Navi); ‘The Forgotten Forest’ (written by Victoria Richard/illustrated by Sarah Bellisario and Yoshie Allan as artist duo ‘Sas and Yosh’/Oh Zoe Books); ‘Bear’s First Day at Kingshott School’ (written & illustrated by Sas and Yosh); and more.