About (EN)

” I love the harmony of a beautiful circle of ‘meet, sense, express, and share’ and believe the circle will spread with endless joy and positivity. I look forward to continuing this enjoyable journey through life.”

– Artist Profile – 

Yoshie Allan

I was born in 1979 in Fukushima, Japan. After enjoying a childhood of drawing manga, DIY projects, and taking care of animals, I changed my path while studying at Nihon University’s Veterinary course and focused on fashion design at ESMOD JAPON Tokyo.

After working in the apparel industry, I began showcasing my artwork under the name “Yoshie” as an illustrator and collage artist based in Tokyo from 2006 onwards. I have worked on various projects, including illustrations for books, collages for advertisements, exhibitions, and events, as well as three-dimensional fabric artwork and custom-made art pieces.

Since 2014, I have also collaborated with artist Sarah Bellisario as the duo ‘Sas and Yosh,’ producing designs for commercial spaces, hospitals, book illustrations, fabric patterns, and more, using hand and digital illustration techniques and sharing our work both in the UK and internationally.

In recent years, I have been inspired by the contrast between light and shadow in nature and have been experimenting with expressing my own philosophy of life through painting, drawing, paper cutting, and a variety of colorful fabric scraps and patterns.

I have lived in a small historic town, in Hertfordshire and near London, with my family for over 10 years.

My life’s work now includes dog walking, initiated by my beloved dog Margo, and creating pet portraits, all filled with laughter and discoveries.

– Published Books –

“Yoshie Fondre” (written & illustrated by Yoshie, published by Kadokawa-Shoten, Japan), “Ponporutontan” (written & illustrated by Yoshie, published by Shodensha, Japan), “Tsukimimoza” & “Giidoro and Marenkaren” (written & illustrated by Yoshie, published by Skyfish Graphix, Japan), and “Happy Easter” (written & illustrated by Yoshie, published by Kumon Shuppan, Japan).

– Exhibitions –

Solo exhibition “Yoshie Fondre” to celebrate the publication (LAPNET SHIP Harajuku 2006), the joint hat art creator exhibition “rambling ranch. nuts” (LAPNET SHIP Harajuku 2007), group exhibitions, original artwork exhibitions to celebrate book releases, exhibitions at cafes and select shops (Tokyo, Kyoto, Kumamoto, and more from 2007 to 2009), the “EgoEco Exhibition” for material recycling group art (AC Gallery Ginza 2009), the “Kiss the Earth” charity art exhibition with 13 artists using recycled fabric (ISETAN Shinjuku Tokyo 2010), the solo exhibition “One night stand” (hosted by Yoshie and Sarah Bellisario, as designer duo ‘Sas and Yosh,’ London 2017), the “ArigaTo The World” group art exhibition (Sway Gallery, London 2022), and the solo exhibition “Hide & Seek – Art de Kakurenbo” (YEAST, Shibuya 2023), among others.