Illustration, Fabric Art, Collage, Bespoke Portrait.
Picture book and Pattern design by Yoshie Allan.


Three colours

My latest acrylic painting using three colours, gold, black and white.


Fabric Art

Illustration and art objects made of colourful,  upcycling fabric materials and hand stitching.


Free Colouring Sheet  #stayathome

I’m drawing some colouring sheet for my kids and friends during UK lockdown. They’re for you too!  Click here to free download.

現在、家で長い時間を過ごしているみなさんへ。UKロックダウン生活中にヨシエが自分の & 友達の子たちに遊んでもらう用に描いたぬりえ、よかったらご自由にプリントしてお使いくださいね。


Picture book for children and grown ups I illustrated, or wrote as well.


Bespoke Portrait・Gift

Bespoke portrait for pet and people, hand painted pottery and personalised artwork. I create a unique gift just for you!


Pattern design

Pattern design for textile and stationery.


Sas and Yosh

‘Sas and Yosh’ is a UK based design house specialising in bespoke illustration and design, founded by Sarah Bellisario and Yoshie Allan. We create a huge variety of professional artwork and pattern designs.

アーティストSarahとヨシエが組んで2014年から活動しているデザインスタジオ Sas and Yosh。2人のコラボレーションから生まれる絵や柄をさまざまな媒体を通してイギリスから発信しています。