A t e l i e r 

Y o s h i e  A l l a n

Illustrator・Collage artist・Picture book creator・Pattern designer・since 2006.

A r t w o r k   f o r   s a l e

Original painting  for sale / オリジナル・ペインティング作品

@ Saatchiart.com/yoshieallan (EN)

Limited edition Art prints & Personalised Artwork / アートプリント・立体作品

@ Etsy.com/shop/AtelierYoshieAllan (EN)

@ Atelieryoshieshop.stores.jp  (JP/日本)

Bespoke Pet portraits / ペット・ポートレート

Click here to see details, size & price (EN)

ペット・ポートレート受注制作の詳細 (JP/日本)

Y o s h i e ‘s   c r e a t i o n

・・・A hint of gold・・・

My recent interest is acrylic painting, which features gold, black and white colours. As a textile and wallpaper pattern designer, I cannot resist filling patterns in the motifs! This gold series of artwork has gained my new followers who adore modern looks and quirkiness.

・・・Colourful wonders・・・

Painting, hand and digital collage, upcycled fabric artwork… I create colourful illustrations for books, magazines, packaging, advertising and murals, and all other lovely things.

・・・The world of monochrome・・・

Monochrome colour always unlocks my imagination and draws me into the world reflecting my endless fascination of nature’s shadows. I enjoy drawing pen on paper, all by hand and partly using Manga screen tones, as well as painting on tiles.