Travel around the world - yoshie


Artwork for Picturebook ” Yoshie Fondre “, written and illustrated by Yoshie, published by prevision inc / Japan  2006. Acrylic on a paper.

” Travel around the world “

Next, I think I’m going to go to that continent.

Gee big brother, you’re incredible. I want to be just like you.

Well, traveling the world really does open your mind. You should grow up soon too.

( translation by Sean.F )


絵本 “ヨシエフォンデュ” ( 作絵・ヨシエ / 発行・(株)プレビジョン, 2006年  ) より. 紙にアクリル絵具.

「 世界一周 」


お兄ちゃんはすごいなあ.  ぼくもお兄ちゃんみたいになりたいなあ.