Quibble - yoshie


Artwork for Picturebook ” Yoshie Fondre “, written and illustrated by Yoshie, published by prevision inc / Japan  2006. Acrylic on a paper.

“ Quibble ”

It’s not that I was interested in you. You just seemed nice to my wrap myself around.

I only licked you because you had your face in front of mine.

It’s not that I felt jealous of her. She was just in my way, so I decided to bite her.

( translation by Sean.F )


絵本 “ヨシエフォンデュ” ( 作絵・ヨシエ / 発行・(株)プレビジョン, 2006年  ) より. 紙にアクリル絵具.

「 へりくつ 」



目の前に顔があったから 舐めてみただけ.


ただ、 道を邪魔するから 噛みついただけ.