At AtelierYOSHIE, Yoshie enjoys her commissioned painting that makes you smile.

If you would like to get a quote, please feel free to Contact me with your preferred artwork size and medium.

*I create my artwork by acrylic painting on canvas/illustration board, pen/ink on paper, fabric collage and hand embroidery on a cloth, 3D stuffed object,and more. If you are not sure about medium, I will get back to you with a couple quotes by different medium.


アトリエヨシエでは, 一点ものの作品制作のご依頼も受けています.

ご興味のあるかたは, 作品の用途 (記念日や贈り物 etc) とご希望のサイズとモチーフ, 技法 などを添えて Contact me までメールください.

*技法は キャンバス/ 紙 にアクリル画やペン・インク画, 布や素材のコラージュをハンドステッチと織り交ぜた布の絵, 人形などの3D (立体) 作品 ほか, いただいたご依頼内容により いくつかの違うスタイルのご提案を送る場合もあります.


Artwork for ‘milk little garden room’ ( cafe & dining in Fukushima, Japan )  2016. Acrylic on illustration board.


Artwork for Mathilde and her boys, UK 2016. Acrylic on illustration board.


Personalised animal collage with name. 2014 UK. Fabric collage with hand stitch and embroidery on cloth.


Wedding memorial atwork. Japan 2014. Fabric and other matterial collage on cloth.

… and more!