A Mother Bear - yoshie

Original Artwork, 2014.  Acrylic on a paper.  オリジナル ( 2014年 ) 紙にアクリル絵具.

Includes the Mother Bear’s story by AtelierYOSHIE;

“… In a snowy forest, a mother bear was walking around the hunter’s house to find some food.

After he ate the hunter and his wife, she found two babies sleepng in their cot.

They were too beautiful to eat, so the mother bear decided to take them to her home and looked after …”



* This artwork is available to buy as a limited edition giclee art print ( Size : A3 )

こちらの作品の枚数限定プリント ( 番号・アトリエヨシエの直筆サイン入り. サイズ A3 ) はこちらよりご購入できます. グリーティングカードもあります ( 在庫残りわずかです ).

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